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Main resources

Items that are often found in the drop. These products can only be obtained as by-products. Used mainly for crafting more rare items.


With the help of recipes, you can create some items from others in various quantities. Often come across in a drop.


Tickets for getting stickers for your personal page. In a drop are not found, or are extremely rare.

Sticker Items

Often found in drop. As a rule, they are used only for creating stickers and are practically not connected with the economic system of crafting.


Boosters improve various gaming characteristics for 8 hours. You can activate no more than 1 booster at a time. Drop-changing boosters work only if puzzles are solved in one and not work on 2 directories ("special puzzles" in the menu).

Custom items

Random items added by players. Produced without a prescription. Used in custom stickers and as part of other custom items.

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