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Как слышим, так и пишем...

Родилась и выросла я в маленьком городке в Поволжье. Соответственно и в школе училась там. Основное население - русские, чуваши и татары, поэтому и к именам привыкла славянским и мусульманским. Сулейман Гильманович, Асия Саитовна или Мингазиз Габдрахманович - это запоминалось легко!
Начальная школа у нас была в отдельном здании, поэтому и учителей видели, в основным, младших классов. Но знали, что в Большой школе есть завуч Исакыль Вович. И все четыре года я ломала голову, почему он Вович? У меня папа тоже Вова, но полное его имя Владимир и я - Владимировна, а он - Вович...
И вот 1 сентября в 5 классе мы пришли учиться в среднюю школу, и новый классный руководитель написала на доске имена всех наших новых учителей.
Каково же было мое изумление! Оказывается, завуча зовут Исаак Львович!!!
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Interesting storygoodporukamI immediately came to mind the song of Igor Sarukhanov,was always singing--"Violin Lisa..." and thought--what is that?:what is ,and was, in fact--"the Creak of wheels..." and no to listen what song and meaning dotumkalacute
Thank you,Lyudmilagoodroseroserosesolnceded
NATAKAPA Online 4343 Solver Rank 2019-11-21 21:35 + 2
@SDFGHJ, You are close to the truth. In your interview I. Saruhanov says that at first the song was a speech about the wheel. This song brought him one of his closest friends. In a rush of creativity it was decided to remake "the creak of wheels" on "the violin-a Fox". When Saruhanov wrote in his own handwriting on tape clip Tigran Keosayan "violin-the Fox" and gave it to the editor, he decided that an error occurred and corrected on the "creaking wheels". In society, the population has shared in percentage ratio 60 to 40. Had to register both names, "violin" and "creaking". But still, the songwriters gave their preference to the Fox. porukamgoodsolnce
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And remember, still from "kids Say,"?
- Mom, what is abortion?
Mom hesitated, mumbled, and then spravshivaet: "where did you hear that?"
- Yes the song is such: And the waves moan and cry, and splash on Board the ship...
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@NATAKAPA,I read with interest Your comments,thanksgoodrosesolnceded
SDFGHJ Last login: 2020-01-25 04:23:33 3939 Solver Rank 2019-11-21 21:59 + 2
Ludmilaporukamvverhaplod while nothing else on mind does not suit (I myself )
NATAKAPA Online 4343 Solver Rank 2019-11-21 22:00 + 2
@SDFGHJ, that I was tortured. Then a friend (singer in training) completely confused me with the violin-a Fox. And now there is the Internet and everything becomes clear. solncestar
Liousy Last login: 2020-01-24 20:34:53 3030 Solver Rank 2019-11-21 22:40 + 3
Svetlana, songs do-just will not hear you...we sang along with Boney-M "Varvara zharit Kur"...good
Thank you and @NATAKAPA for the interesting comments! roseroserosecvetycvetycvetyroseroserosekiss
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A song Baskov hear about the violin, stranger, once, you know lazy all the sounds to singbozhe
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